Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am again saddened to read about a seventy something old senior citizen at an Old Folks Home who was deserted by her son. According to the report in the Harian Metro, the son who had not been to visit his mum for two years turned up to see her. The old lady was elated and thought that he would be taking her back to the village to celebrate Hari Raya. Instead while she hastily went to pack some clothes, the son quietly left. When the old lady realised that her son had left without her, she chased after the car for 20 metres. He drove on and ignored her.
Aiyoh! Just as we have caring human beings, we also have heartless ones as well. The actions of the woman's son goes against the fundamentals of Islamic teaching. As a matter of fact, no religion on earth would teach a son or daughter to abandon their parents who have nurtured them.

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