Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Miss Cheah with Aisyah
Miss Cheah, Puan Salasiah and Syuhadah
Family man
Raya photo

Yesterday, two of my former students, Encik Syful Adly and Puan Salasiah came and visited me at my home in Ipoh. They brought along their two daughters, Aisyah and Syuhadah.
I was the Form teacher for the both of them from 1996 to 1997 when they were in Forms 4 and 5. Mind you they did not fall in love during their school days. That happened after they finished their studies and started working. So those who are still studying better concentrate on their studies and not have romantic thoughts just yet. See two of my children fell in love with each other and because of that I have two grand-daughters. Actually I have quite a number of 'cucus' from the boys and girls from the 5 Technic 6 class. For your information, that was the only class that I became the Form teacher in STESMA. So I consider all the boys and girls in that particular class as my own children. I am happy to say that there are quite a number of lecturers and engineers in that class.
This weekend, Encik Syful, Puan Salasiah and I will be going to Gopeng to attend the wedding of another one of my girls from that class. Her name is Cik Fatimahwati and she is a lecturer in one of the colleges in Sabah. I am sure that I will be able to meet more of the girls and boys from 5T6. So, watch out for the wedding photos this Sunday.

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