Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I started writing the STESMA forever blog in June 2006. That means that the blog has been in existence for 3 and a half years already. All this while I have been making an effort to continuously keep everyone updated on the goings-on in our school and also about STESMARIANS past and present. However, I have a request to make and that is more of the people from our school visit this blog. Please appreciate the effort and time I spend in doing this blog and visit regularly. The average visit for the blog is only about 50 a day which is quite low considering we have about 600 students and 100 teachers and staff at one time. Let us not forget the former students who studied here and that would amount to a few thousand. So, please do give your support as this blog was created for the people of STESMA.
For your information, I will be writing the last post for the STESMA forever blog on 31st December, 2009.

** In the above picture, I am with a few of the children of the Rumah Wawasan in Sitiawan. My friends and I have collected money to buy Christmas presents for the children of the Home and will be giving them the presents at a special lunch that we will be preparing for them.


ummusalamah said...

Li Na will you be writing your last entry on 31st Dec for 2009 or last entry for the blog. IF it's the last entry for the blog please don't stop. Your blog is so informative,creative and entertaining. I frequent your blog nearly everyday. It's something I look forward to everyday. So keep up the good ! From kak sal, 7.00 a.m. See, early in the morning dah buka your blog!

Miss Cheah said...

Kak Salmah,
Our school will no longer be called STESMA after 31 December 2009. I have to start another blog called Vokasma Today beginning 1st January 2010.

SepHia said...

ms cheah,
i miss Stesma so much.., my name Siti normaziah... hehehe i am from stesma batch 2000-2001. During my study in stesma (Form 5 ), i'm helping u to sell newspaper from class to class.. hehe. Currently i'm working in University Malaysia Pahang as a tutorship and will be a lecturer after completing my master programme.
I love STESMA.. :-)