Monday, December 21, 2009


My friend, Mrs Wong and I, came up with the idea of buying some presents for the children of the Rumah Wawasan in Sitiawan at the beginning of December. So the both of us went and collected money from our friends and relatives. Within four days, the both of us collected RM927. Besides having enough money to buy Christmas presents for the children and their caretakers, we had enough money to treat them to lunch as well. To save money, I asked a favour of Puan Kamariah to help cook the food. My friend's daughter baked two cakes for the children.
We had the gift presentation ceremony cum lunch on Saturday, 19th December. We got Mrs Wong's family, my mum, aunt, Puan Kamariah and her daughter to come along to help out on that day.
For your information, neither Mrs Wong nor I are Christians, both of us are Taoists. The two of us got together with our friends and relatives to bring some cheer to the needy children of the Home.

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