Thursday, May 01, 2008

When I heard that the group Inteam were the guest artiste for the Program Kesenian Islam concert, I was really wondering who they were. The Nasyid groups that I know are Raihan and Brothers. Hey! I am not the only one, Tuan Haji Ahmad Hasnin and a few other teachers also did not really know who they were. As for Tuan Haji Hasnin, ask him about badminton and other sports personalities and he will be better than anyone of us but Nasyid groups. No.
Anyway, I did a search on the web and found out the following info. Only two of the members came last night, Hazamin and Syahril. The one who did not turn up was Rahim.
Hazamin or better known as Amin, 28, is married. His full name is Muhammad Hazamin bin Harun. He has a degree in engineering from Universiti Antarabangsa Islam. Syahril (full name- Mohd Syahril bin Abd Khalid), 28, is also married and like Hazamin has his tertiary education at Universiti Antarabangsa Islam Malaysia. Like the other two, Rahim or full name Abd. Rahim Hj. Osman, 28, is also married and had his education at Universiti Antarabangsa Islam.
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